As technology continues to advance it becomes more and more involved in our everyday lives. Artificial intelligence is something that that continues to rise. AIs are used to filter through job applicants according to a Harvard Business Article by Frida Polli. An example of this is LinkedIn when filtering through…

Mission District

Why I chose the data set of “Police Department Incident Reports: 2018 to Present” by the City of San Francisco.

For my final EDA project, I did not know where to start with the discovery of Kaggle as there were endless datasets for my many hobbies and interests. However, for…

Jackey Yip or known as Stewie2k in the Counter Strike Global Offense scene is an explosive player who was on the the roster to win North America’s first and sadly only Major Tournament.


With data provided by Mateus Dauernheimer Machado, we could see Team Liquid data, the team Stewie2k is…

Unemployment office

To understand unemployment we must first define it. According to the US Bureau of Labor Statistics there are 6 different ways to categorize unemployment as seen on the following chart. The tracking method is individuals filing for unemployment benefits which would be U-3 on the chart.

Business Journal Daily


Unemployment in the United States is something that is currently an issue that people have been facing since the Coronavirus caused many jobs to shut down. Before we dive deep into how unemployment rate can be used to show bias, we must first understand how unemployment is calculated.

Hernan Hernandez Mendoza

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